A wee bit about me…I am a Muslim who is trying to be as good a Muslim as I can be. Always trying. No denying.

I live in England and I walk on the Sunni side of the street.

I started this blog as a way of trying to understand as much of what is going on out there, with the main aim of getting people to see things from a different perspective, to even realise there is a different perspective from the one we are presented by all sides of Muslims and Islam.

I hope to do this by using quotes from a variety of sources and, insha-Allah (God willing), by utilising humour to the best of my ability. I particularly wish to put the ‘fun’ back into ‘fundamentalism’ since, God knows, there are enough Muslims out there shoe-horning the ‘mental’ into ‘fundamentalism’.

The reason why the blog is titled ‘The Bearded One’ is because an aunt of mine calls me that sometimes, and it kind of sticks. And I also have a beard, just like my aunt.

I did think of many other names, such as: The Ayatollah Of Rock-And-Rolla (not sure about that one), The Cheeky Chapati, The Hairy Guru, The Imam Of Irony, The Jalfrezi Jester, The Korma Comedian, The Mufti Of Mirth, The Mullah Of Mockery, The Pasha Of Punch Lines, The Pundamentalist Of Pakistan, The Raja Of Ribaldry, The Shah Of Satire, The Sheikh Of Stand-Up, The Sultan Of Sarcasm, Captain Khan (one for the ladies there), and so forth (can I please stop now?).

It could be worse. A little cousin of mine calls me ‘Moosh Beard’ since I, erm, have a moustache and a beard. Anyways, moving on…

The tag line ‘With great beard comes great responsibility…’ is a parody of the quote ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ from the movie Spider-Man (2002).

May Allah make this blog of benefit to you and to me, both in this life and the next. Ameen.

Finally, please note that anything good in this blog is from Allah, while all the mistakes are mine…



2 thoughts on “About

  1. From aunt who has no beard even though we are unlike I.e no beard we are similar in that we think a like . I was impressed with the articles chosen and declare a supperb choice of intellectual beings past and present. There is no room for hatred of another human or even of life it self whatever form it may come in . It is the creation of our Lord the creator of the worlds and thus to be respected as his creation. But and there is a big but the name of Islam and the teachings plus the quotes from the Quran are being pulled out of context and misused. I question can we blame the non muslims for this or are we to be blamed for lack of understanding our own faith and what about the mosques . What role do they play if any at all as a descendent from parents from Indian subcontinent I feel very personal opinion that the mosques need to teach in English and have not only quod antic lessons in Arabic but also lessons of way of life as Muslim what it means to be a muslim . I have come across books Islam for dummies and the Quran for dummies to be very helpful and would advice to be used in the mosques as a means to introducing Islam to the students. We need to breakway from the old style mullahs and move on to educate the up and coming generation. I went to mosque and felt that I learnt nothing at all about my faith or life as a Muslim . Your comment on the mosques methods of teaching and communication to students.


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