Syria NS

The on-going civil war in Syria has so far claimed the lives of over 450,000 people and displaced over 7.5 million (over 4.5 million of these are fleeing refugees). It has now been raging for over 6 years, with no end in sight. God alone knows how many more lives are to be taken before the carnage will end. Even as I write this blog post news is breaking of another bomb to hit civilians in a planned town swap evacuation, leaving dozens dead, many of them children, which now seems to be the case on most occasions.

The sheer number of belligerents directly involved, their indirect supporters, along with the long national history of Syria, make it very difficult to understand what is going on. Who started it? Who are the good guys? Who’s winning? Who’s losing? Who do we want in power after it all ends? Complicated indeed.

Depending on your view point, there are many ways to analyse this crisis. I myself have tried to work out what to make of all this but, alas, I am still no further in understanding what is really going on, either on the ground, in the air, or in the minds of the main power players.

Take the recent April 2017 sarin chemical attack in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun. America is blaming Assad. Russia is asking America for proof of this assertion. Assad was at first blaming the rebels but now says the whole thing was “100% fabrication” by the west to make him look bad. Where do you even begin to unravel this particular ball of issues?

Anyways, as an attempt to try and understand things better, I have collated various short YouTube clips and cartoons that will, hopefully, present the whole thorny issue of Syria in a somewhat different light, a light that perhaps will change existing perceptions. The cartoons in particular are interesting in that they reflect the complexities of who is fighting, why, and which side should one choose.

Saturday Night Live tries to analyse the mind of Trump…

Syria Pool

The brilliant comedian Jaffer Khan on how a Syrian War Fantasy League could help us care about Syria more…

Syria Fight Club

Comedian Dave Smith on why arming Syrian rebels is such a bad thing…

Syria Bors

Comedian Lee Camp on the real reason as to why perhaps ‘we’ went into Syria in the first place…

Syira Side on who is fighting and why…

Is there a double standard when comparing Israel to Syria…?

A comparison of Bashar al-Assad and Benjamin Netanyahu

A brilliant analysis on how climate change may have been a primary factor in causing the Syrian civil war…

A few years ago Mother Jones posted a comic book by Audrey Quinn and Jackie Roche that looked at the conflict in Syria from an environmental perspective. It is well worth a read as it does seem to make sense.

Syria Spray

Bill Maher and Ana Navarro on how we are now basically bombing both sides…

Syria Shirts

When was the last time any of us were this emotional…?

Charlie Brooker’s succinct definition of how best to describe what is going on…

How do you solve a problem like Syri-ah? Syria is a hellish tangle involving a brutal regime, rival rebel factions, extremists, and vested international interests. It’s a civil war, a proxy war, an ideological conflict, and a monumental humanitarian disaster, all at the same time. Little wonder some want to treat the problem like a malfunctioning old TV: give it a bang [punches the top of the table with the side of his fist] and hope it sorts itself out. – from the BBC TV program Charlie Brooker’s 2015 Wipe

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