Are you distracted and confused by Trump and his tweets, Obama and his wire traps, Jeff and his sessions with the Russians? Well, why not distract yourself from all of these distractions with the following three video clip distractions!

We start on a somewhat serious note. British Muslim actor Riz Ahmed, now a very well know Hollywood star, delivers Channel 4’s annual speech about diversity at the House of Commons. He highlights the complex issue of representation, especially cultural representation, rather than the usual narrative of diversity.

We then move on to Russell Brand speaking about Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay gave an interview on British morning TV recently where Piers Morgan questioned and questioned her about her interest in Islam. Brand uses his satirical skills to break down the interview for what it really is (an Islamophobe desperately trying to get an angry reaction from an Islamophile).

We end on a somewhat lighter note with the American Muslim stand up comedian Mo Amer and his recent brilliant appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

As always, enjoy!

Riz Ahmed ‘representing’ at the House of Commons…

Russell Brand on whether or not Lindsay Lohan should allowed to be a Muslim…

Everything she is saying is that she’s feeling a sense of connection, that she’s praying, that she’s feeling a connection to other people, she’s feeling a connection to a higher sense in itself, a connection to a higher world. That is what Islam is about. That is it. The secondary narrative that Islam is a fuel for violence, that’s being used by people that are in power, and even at the level of this sort of quite trite daytime TV thing, they are pushing that narrative. Now I don’t believe exclusively in conspiracy theories, but here we are just watching something that is innocuous and harmless as Good Morning Britain at 8.22 in the morning and they’re pushing a powerful agenda…Well done Lindsay Lohan for looking at the world in a different way, in developing and evolving yourself and communicating in a way that is evidently challenging for some people. Good luck on your journey. – Russell Brand, speaking about Lindsay Lohan’s interview on Good Morning Britain, Feb 2017

Mo Amer does a brilliant set on the Late Show…


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