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A quick blog post featuring a mish-mash of quotes and links that I hope you will find interesting. Enjoy!

The always controversial Bill Maher made the following satirical quips in a recent Real Time With Bill Maher show…

That’s how Republicans work with Donald Trump. While you’re watching the clown screw the pony, they’re breaking into your car. Just remember that. – Bill Maher

I feel like our country is hanging by a thread right now. So if I have to repeat myself, I’m going to. Stop looking at the distractions and the clown show and look at what matters. – Bill Maher

You know your Facebook friend who said he thought Trump was Hitler? He was optimistic. Actually what we have here is a mental patient who thinks he’s Hitler. – Bill Maher

I found this quote about the difference between an analog watch and a smartphone very interesting indeed…

Unlike the smart device, the analog watch orients its wearer toward the world rather than the self. The smartphone is all about you. It notifies you when new messages or likes arrive. It offers an ointment of information when the boredom of routine burns hot. The smartphone sucks in data and reprocesses it in a way that satisfies the device’s owner. As the smartphone’s handmaiden, the smartwatch merely compresses that information and makes it more accessible, from the wrist rather than in the pocket. But the watch directs that attention outward, back toward the world. Checking the time is different from checking the phone. It poses implicit questions about where one ought to be, or what one ought to be doing. It situates a body in relation to the duties and accidents unconcerned with the tension of a spring wrapped inside a metal shell on a human wrist. Checking the time is always a humble act, while checking the phone is always a selfish one. – Ian Bogost


An article (well worth a read) from the Guardian entitled Trump’s Dangerous Delusions About Islam began with the following opening gambit…

The president and his advisers paint Muslims as enemies of modernity. The neglected history of an age of Middle Eastern liberalism proves them wrong. – Christopher de Bellaigue

…and ended with this dire warning…

The scapegoating of Muslim communities in Europe and America is the road to pogroms, and it is that road that we are starting down, even if we can still turn back. Relish for the clash is in the air. Bannon is up for it. So are the jihadis; Trump is doing their work for them, proving that the west hates Islam for xenophobic reasons, which is what they said all along. The entrenchment of clashism…will only draw more and more people into believing its truth. – Christopher de Bellaigue

A rather poignant observation from the first Muslim to win an Academy Award for acting…

If you convert to Islam after a couple of decades of being a black man in the US, the discrimination you receive as a Muslim doesn’t feel like a shock. I’ve been pulled over, asked where my gun is, asked if I’m a pimp, had my car pulled apart. Muslims will feel like there’s this new discrimination that they hadn’t received before, but it’s not new for us. – Mahershala Ali, an American black Muslim and the first Muslim actor to win an Academy Award for his role in Moonlight


People in the west, both Muslim and non, are not really upset about the terrorism in Pakistan…

Western media and governments seem to have adopted a standard policy that terrorism isn’t worth mentioning unless it affects their own people and countries. Heavens would have fallen, and rightly so, if there were the same number of terrorism victims in a similar attack in any Western country. Media and politicians would surely have responded quickly and loudly. The message is clear: Western lives matter but brown, black and non-Christian lives aren’t worthy of a story. The fact that these publications are simultaneously denouncing Trump for his racist policies, or waxing lyrical about the value of the Black Lives Matter movement, just adds to the irony of the situation…Western media and governments want the whole world to consider the Western terrorism problem as their own, demanding solidarity and action, yet they won’t extend the same courtesy when the victims of Isis are in a majority-Muslim country. Until we realise that all lives deserve the same respect, regardless of race, wealth or creed, we’ll never be able to eradicate the threat of extremism which hangs over us all. – Murtaza Ali Shah, Feb 2017, writing about the ISIS attack at a Sufi shrine in Pakistan that killed over 85

Comedian Fahim Anwar contemplates Trump as his president…

Legendary Star trek actor George Takei’s historical take on the Muslim ban…

Some heartfelt comments from Diary Of A Bad Man on Trump…

How One Direction can end the Muslim ban…


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