6 Videos That Explain Hair Force One

He has only been El Presidente for a few days and yet he has, surprise surprise, backtracked (or rowed back or ditched) many of his flagship bizarro promises. It seems that moving from campaign rhetoric to implementable working policies is not that easy. Who knew?

For example, he has rowed back scrapping Obama-care (probably after meeting Obama and being told some harsh truths). He seems to have changed his plans on jailing the Crooked One (even though his BFF Rudy Giuliani is still hinting it may happen).

He has also backtracked on banning Muslims, building a wall (some of it may now be more fence than wall), taxing China at 45%, ripping up the Iran nuclear deal, bringing back waterboarding (the Attorney General’s office has told him this is actually illegal), and many others.


My personal favourite was his constant cry to bring back law and order: the recent mass demonstrations across America, with many arrested and one person shot, clearly show Trump may also have problems in this area.

Anyways, like many of you I too have been trying to make sense of this all. 2016 has seen many changes. We have lost Prince, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Muhammad Ali, and now we have lost the ideals of western democracy. Brexit and Trump are clear indications of the rise of nationalism and…you know what, why don’t I just let others more qualified to analyse this President Trump phenomenon…

Also well worth perusing is film maker Ethan Coen’s list of people he “thanks” for Trump winning. Yes, he is being sarcastic, bitterly so. Anyways, on to the videos, enjoy (as much as one can)…

A bit of context…Stephen Colbert explains what really motivated humiliated Trump to run…

After the election…Seth Meyers emotional remarks on President Trump…

Jonathon Pie brutally takes the liberal left apart for their role in all this…

Samantha Bee gives her angry yet measured next day reaction to Trump winning…

Dave Chappelle gives his unique take on life in the post-Trump era we all now live in…

Finally…Russell Brand on what we should do now…


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