Trump Keeps Going On About It…

A few days after I did a blog post about Obama explaining why he thinks we should not use the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, Donald Trump (recently described by Enrique Krauze as “a sociopath drunk on himself”) in the second presidential debate once again brought up this issue of certain people not saying certain things:

I was immediately taken aback that a Muslim is still somehow undecided, a fact that also shocked Trevor Noah who, on The Daily Show, found this downright bizarre:

It’s weird that there is anyone still undecided…How can a Muslim be undecided between Hillary and Trump? That’s like a stoner having trouble deciding between ordering pizza or calling the cops. How are you undecided? – Trevor Noah

This idea of being undecided, despite wall-to-wall coverage on American news channels, is something that has also dumbfounded Bill Maher (warning – rude language):

Also, Trump’s insistence that Muslims should be reporting more ‘stuff’ was met with general ridicule, especially on Twitter (see the article on Time’s website). My favourite was:

As I am still unsure how best to respond to this idiocy by Trump, I will give the final word to the following brief but succinct assessment of the ‘genius’ of Trump’s answer:

When a Muslim woman stood up and asked the candidates what they would do about Islamophobia, Trump promptly turned the question around, blaming American Muslims for not informing law enforcement about potential terrorist activity in their midst. In other words, asked about Islamophobia, Trump blamed Muslims. – David A Graham, writing in The Atlantic

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