Another Trump Blog Post? Seriously?

“Donald Trump is everywhere. It sometimes seems, and has seemed this way for several months, that the Republican nominee is all anyone can talk about. Whether this is because the media is doing its duty or because news organizations are capitalizing on Trump’s bombast for ratings and traffic is a matter of debate. But one thing is clear: Trump is getting outsized attention compared with his opponents.”

So says journalist Adrienne LaFrance over at The Atlantic Monthly. And I fully agree. However, I know what you’re thinking, “Another Trump blog post? Seriously?” So I begin with an apology. I am truly sorry for blogging about the Donald once again. But it’s not really my fault. I try my best to keep up with all the latest news about him but Trump is an online moving target, with so much being written and said about him on a daily basis.


Trump, an actual 70 year old human being, is a political car wreck that has the whole world rubber necking. The constant speculation about him is breathless and endless. This makes it nigh on impossible to keep fully up-to-date with all things Trumpian. Having said that, below is a selection of quotes and cartoons about some of the more recent and more interesting things related to Trump. As much as one can stomach, enjoy!

Some of the best and most recent descriptions of Trump…

A racist voodoo doll made of discarded cat hair – John Oliver

Cinnamon Hitler – Trevor Noah

Tangerine Mussolini – Molly Crabapple

A demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator – Prof Stephen Hawking

An unhinged tangerine-coloured candidate with cotton candy hair who lies about being a billionaire – The Daily Mash

A rabid coyote with bad hair – Stephen King

An arrogant asshole [with an] ego the size of Texas – Cher

F*ckface von Clownstick – Jon Stewart

A megalomaniac reality TV star incapable of understanding facts – The Daily Mash

A damaged, sociopathic narcissist – John Oliver

One former Marine infantry officer described Trump to me as a “fake-bake-ing chicken hawk” whose “knowledge of the Middle East could be trumped (sorry) by your average Georgetown sophomore” – Andy Kroll

A two-bit bullshit artist conning America to help himself – John Oliver (recently Oliver said if Trump pulls out of the presidential race claiming it was all a joke to test the American populous, then he can become “a three-bit bullshit artist conning America to help America”)

The modern incarnation of Narcissus, a terrible-to-behold mirror image of America’s worst public face – Thomas Singer

The imploding star that is Donald Trump, the owner of what you might describe as ‘resting rich face.’ – John Oliver

A demented orange murder clown – The Daily Mash

[His political campaign is] the political equivalent of a bigoted clowns blazing funeral pyre – John Oliver

The best description is from Fareed Zakaria who described Trump as a…

Various quotes…

If Donald Trump is president of the United States, it will be the end of the world. – Jennifer Lawrence

Try as I might, I cannot make my brain work like a Trump voter. Maybe it’s my mother not drinking when she was pregnant. I just don’t get how Trump has been able to convince so many people. – Bill Maher

For more than a year, to the disbelief, especially, of America’s media and political elites, Trump defied all the laws of political gravity. Every insane utterance seemed to boost, rather than hinder him. Written off by everyone as a joke, the orange juggernaut blundered on to win handily in the primaries. – Nicky Woolf

When are you going to realise it wasn’t a good idea to put your name on every shitty product you’ve ever been a part of?…If you ever robbed a bank your getaway car would be a van with the words ‘Trump Robberies’ on the side. – Seth Meyers

Trump stumbles from one verbal disaster to the next…

He has clearly said countless awful things throughout this campaign. Any of which would disqualify any other candidate. Just this week, he declined yet again to release his tax returns, lied about getting a letter from the NFL agreeing with him that the debates shouldn’t clash with football games, called Angela Merkel a moron, implied that Brazil brought the Zika Virus on themselves, and encouraged a foreign powers hack of his political rival. Now, two of those didn’t happen. But you’re not sure which two. And that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Because Trump hasn’t said one crazy thing. He’s said thousands of crazy things, each of which blunts the effect of the others. It’s the bed of nails principle. If you step on one nail, it hurts you. If you step on a thousand nails, no single one stands out, and you’re fine. That is how Donald Trump has managed to say pretty much anything in this campaign, seemingly without consequences. – John Oliver


The chaos is Trump and Trump is the chaos…

Trump…didn’t cause the chaos. The chaos caused Trump. What we are seeing is not a temporary spasm of chaos but a chaos syndrome. – Jonathan Rauch

The rules and customs of American politics have not and do not apply to Trump; therefore, we cannot judge his presidential campaign within their context. Trump and his campaign cannot be off message because Trump and his campaign do not have a message. Trump and his campaign cannot be in disarray because Trump and his campaign invite and weaponize disarray. In short, nothing matters…Trump’s campaign has forever been populated by amateurs and lunatics who have somehow managed to guide him to success thus far. And that success is not in spite of his inability to stay “on message” but because of it. Trump’s message is chaos. Trump’s free associative speeches are a reflection of what he claims is the chaos in the country. He can’t speak in real sentences with a beginning, a middle, and an end because he’s just too outraged about too many things too much of the time to form thoughts like that. – Olivia Nuzzi

It spirals on, this massively entertaining, hugely terrifying collision between worlds, the real one and the parallel universe of Trump’s creation, masquerading as a presidential election. – Matthew Norman


Trump has been linked to the Syrian boy Omran…


Final thought – under Hillary things may not be so different after all…


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