5 Articles And 12 Quotes, Including 1 From Will Smith

Below are 12 quotes that hopefully will inspire and uplift, including a recent quote from Will Smith. There are also links to 5 rather interesting articles, covering such topics as climate change and Islamic history, ‘gangsta Islam’, Islam in Europe, Muslims in Elizabethan England, and Muslim hipsters, whatever those are. Enjoy!


I am dedicated to being a light in this world. There’s a lot of suffering, a lot of people are suffering in this world. And when you see my material, and when I present myself in public, and what I’m trying to build with my family and my friends, I just want you to know I am dedicated till I die to light and to love. – Will Smith, from his acceptance speech when receiving the Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards, Apr 2016

Will Smith 2016

If you’re not the lead elephant, the scenery never changes. – from the movie Anna And The King (1999)

I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past. – Anon

This may be a sad chapter but you are not a sad story – Anon

Love yourself so much that when someone treats you wrong, you recognize it. – Rena

Someone who wants the best for you is what’s best for you. – Anon

It costs $0.00 to be a decent person. – Anon

Someday you will look back and know exactly why it had to happen. – Anon

REPEAT AFTER ME: ‘My current situation is not my final destination’. – Anon

Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm. – Anon

When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t. – Louis CK

“No” just means “Move on to your next opportunity”. – Anon


How Climatic Stress Possibly Shaped Early Islam And The History Of The Middle East

The idea of climate having an impact on societies is not new in the Muslim aspect. Amongst many others, medieval poet al-Jahiz (781-869) and the great Andalusian historiographer Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406) preceded Western thinkers by many centuries in elaborating the idea of climatic determinism, even if they took the idea to the extremes. While not subscribing to climatic determinism ourselves, it should not be ruled out that responding to direct and indirect challenges posed by a harsh climate could have been one of the many driving forces shaping Muslim history and occasionally, even the inspiration for some of the doctrines of Islam both in the past and in the present.

Gangsta Islam Has Little To Do With Religion

For exponents of Gangsta Islam, mass murder represents an act of self-empowerment — not all that different from what Oscar Wilde called an “intensified assertion of individualism.” Wilde hailed “sin” as release from stagnation; he was writing during the late 19th century when most of Europe’s bourgeois elites, unable to accommodate mass aspirations for prosperity and stability, looked venal and devious.

How Islam Created Europe

Europe was essentially defined by Islam. And Islam is redefining it now.

Mipsters: Like Hipsters, But Muslim

A mipster…a Muslim hipster…a sub-type of a gummy…a global, urban Muslim…


Why Elizabethan England Was Obsessed With Islam

…the character of Othello was probably based on Muhammad al-Annuri, ambassador to Elizabeth’s court, who Shakespeare may have encountered during his six-month embassy to London in 1600.

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