On my daily travels through the vast unforgiving lands of the internet, I recently came across the following three clips about Islam. To me they explain how Islam is being set up to be the current global bad guy. After all, if America and its allies are the global police force, then it needs an equivalent global criminal to chase after.

The first clip shows Jan Oberg, a peace and conflict researcher, in an interview with Russia Today explaining how “the west cannot live without enemies.” Currently this enemy de choix is militant Islam and the resulting terrorism.

In the second clip Peter Oborne, a British journalist, in an interview with Owen Jones talks about Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, foreign policy, David Cameron, and Jeremy Corbyn. He also describes the increasing “soft apartheid towards Muslims” that exists here in Britain, something that seems to be perpetuated by the British government themselves. In other words, once you have chosen an enemy, start to stir up hatred amongst the populace for the enemy. Incidentally, Oborne wrote a pamphlet a few years ago about Islamophobia, well worth a read.

The final clip is of James O’Brein, a brilliant radio presenter for LBC, reading a rather moving letter from a Jewish man writing about the dangers of allowing such apartheid sentiments to progress.

All three clips are less than 24 minutes in total, and all are well worth a listen.

This is a part of the classical fear-ology, installing fear with people so they might accept higher military expenditures…anybody who is part of the MIMAC (Military Industrial Media Academic Complex) needs an enemy to justify it’s use of public funds. You cannot argue for more armament, or NATO membership, or warfare, or interventionism, if there is no enemy. So there has to be terrorism one year, there has to be a Slobodan Milosevic in Yugoslavia another year, there has to be a Brezhnev at the time, or there has to be a Putin at the time, there has to be a China at a time. The west cannot live without enemies, it’s part of our self-perception. And that’s why it was extraordinary when one of Gorbachev’s advisors said “We are going to do a terrible thing to you in the west, we are going to deprive you of an enemy.”

– Jan Oberg, on Russia Today, Jan 2016

There is an emergence in Britain of a sort of soft apartheid towards Muslims…The government has constructed a narrative about Islam in Britain which distinguishes between good Muslims, i.e. people who have basically become secular, and bad Muslims, those who are devout. I think it is very negligent about anti-Muslim hatred and anti-Muslim bigotry. I think they have invented a new kind of concept called ‘non-violent extremism’ which is a kind of word for thought crime.

– Peter Oborne, Jan 2016

“Dear James,

I heard you mentioned that you want to avoid conversation about the ongoing anti-Muslim rhetoric that is so prominent in the press at the moment, but I really think you missed a trick here.

I just wanted to say that although I am not a religious man I have a strong Jewish heritage. Today being the 71st anniversary of the Holocaust, which is very personal to me for obvious reasons, I think we really need to make the link of how Muslims are being subjected daily to such lazy prejudices, just as my ancestors were, all those years ago.

On this day of remembrance Jews, more than anyone, need to stand up for the Muslim community and the vile rubbish that is spouted in the press pretty much every day. Leave all that Middle East nonsense to one side for the moment, we need to remember that it was not that long ago it was us who were on the receiving end of this type of treatment, and we all know where that ended up.

A lot of my family emigrated from white Russia during the pogroms in the early 19th century to settle in the slums of east London, where it was commonplace to see signs reading ‘No dogs, no Irish, no Jews’. It feels like we’re receding into a society that is happy to say ‘No Muslims’. Just look at what’s going on in the States with that lunatic Donald Trump. We simply cannot tolerate this. That’s all I wanted to say.

Keep the peace.”

Josh, on today of all days I am happy to provide you with an opportunity to bring that message to a slightly wider audience, in the probably naive hope that some people might listen.

– James O’Brein, reading a letter from a Jewish man


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