Whilst Donald Trump is painting himself into an absurd parody of Donald Trump, ISIS are painting Islam into an absurd parody of Islam.

In my experience most people sincerely want to see a true picture of Islam. However, they are being shown many pictures of Islam, the vast majority of them being neither full nor true. It is therefore the duty of each Muslim to help paint the picture as best they can. So get painting Muslims, get painting through your everyday actions, deeds, and words!

Thankfully, through the magical medium of comics, there are many non-Muslims who are also helping to paint as true a picture of Islam, Trump, and ISIS as possible.

Below are 19 such examples, and if a picture paints a thousand words then feast your eyes on 19,000 (no need to do the math). Anyways, enjoy!

isis and muslims

ISIS Trump 01ISIS Trump 02The RecruiterISIS Trump 04ISIS Trump 05ISIS Trump 06ISIS Trump 07ISIS Trump 08ISIS Trump 09ISIS Trump 10ISIS Trump 11

Killing People Won't Solve Problems

ISIS Trump 13ISIS Trump 14

ISIS Trump 16ISIS Trump 17ISIS Trump 18

Tom the Dancing Bug


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