Let’s start with a hilarious joke. Feel free to stop me if you’ve heard this one…

What does a 14 year old Muslim get if he takes a homemade clock to school?

Arrested. By five police officers. And handcuffed.

I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing at the sheer hilarity of it all. Ahmed Mohamed, a 14 year old Muslim school boy from Irving, Texas, took his homemade clock to school (on Monday 14th September) as part of a science project. The teacher panicked somewhat, the police were called, he was arrested, and now all mighty hell has broken loose, especially on social media:

President Obama invited Ahmed and his family to the White House; Sarah Palin and Fox News, none too surprisingly, criticised him for this; Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg fully supported Ahmed, as did other tech companies who offered him work; Richard Dawkins called into question his motives for making the clock in the first place; and so forth…

As you can imagine, much has been written about this topic. Below are links to some of the better articles I’ve read about this whole social media episode, along with some satirical cartoons, and a rather hilarious short video clip. Enjoy!


  • Hanna Yusuf writes about Ahmed in the context of Islamophobia in Britain: “Britain has plenty of its own Ahmeds – young Muslims who have been attacked or marginalised for their religion. But aside from a few headlines, they’re mostly invisible, and receive no outpourings of support.” (Don’t Stand With Ahmed If You’re Not Prepared To Support All Marginalised Muslim Children)
  • Dean Obeidallah says “The message in Irving is clear: If you are Muslim, anything you do might be a plot to destroy America. ” (Ahmed Mohamed Is the Muslim Hero America’s Been Waiting For)
  • Mom and activist Yasmina Blackburn writes from a very personal perspective, saying that  “Ahmed could be my child. I have kids close to his age. Kids yearn for adults to hear them. To understand them. To accept them. To motivate them. To inspire them. Not to call the cops on them and have them arrested for being brilliant.” (Of Course #IStandWithAhmed. I Could Be His Mom)
  • Nicholas Pierce makes the following rather poignant point: “If a 14-year-old’s handmade clock can strike fear in the hearts of grown adults and provoke the police powers of the world’s 10th largest economy–ensconced with in the world’s first most powerful nation–then the terrorists are definitely winning.” (Ahmed’s Clock And My Renewed Faith In Humanity)
  • Hena Zuberi, in a letter, offers her 10 year old son the following advice: “Be careful before taking an invention to school. Be careful while flying. Be careful making jokes. Anti-Muslim bigotry is REAL.” (My Dear Muslim Son)

Video clip…

For anyone who thinks that there is no over reaction to this, please show them the following really funny clip…


Finally, here are 3 satirical cartoons that very quickly get straight to the heart of this whole crazy matter…

ahmed clock 3

Ahmed Mohamed: It’s A Clock With A Built-In Racism Detector…I think we have all learnt an important lesson from this situation which is that ‘brown’ people with aspirations are dangerous

ahmed clock 2

September 19, 2015


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