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We are now in the month of Shabaan (moonsighting.com), which means Ramadhaan is nearly here. Preparations for Ramadhaan should ideally begin now. With this intention, I am hoping the list of resources below can help us all to make the most of this blessed month, insha-Allah…

Information about the month of Shabaan. Please see the following 3 Shabaan jpg files, these are scanned from an excellent book called The Best Of Times by Muhammad Khan. Please read these in order to get the best out of this blessed month of Shabaan (click on the images to enlarge).

Shaban 1Shaban 2Shaban 3

An excellent lecture about Ramadhaan called Preparing For Ramadan by Shaykh Zahir Mahmood (scroll down the page please in order to get to this particular lecture).

Another excellent lecture, this one is from Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and is called Ramadan Advice.

A useful website with loads of really good practical hints and tips: http://productivemuslim.com/.

Four files that will insha–Allah provide some good information.

Complete Guide To Ramadhan

Laylatul-Qadr – guide

Ramadhaan checklist

Ramadhaan preparation pack

OVERALL: Know that you will only get out of Ramadhaan what you are willing to put in. Therefore please make time to read the Shabaan article, to read the pdf files and the Word doc, and to listen to the lectures before Ramadhaan begins. Many thanks.

Finally, I came across a really good website where if you type in a post code it will show you the qibla direction from that place: http://www.qib.la/.

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