A few years ago I was fortunate enough to go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah with my parents and my brother.
As part of the preparation I read a few books on how to perform this holy ritual. That’s when things got a wee bit confusing for me, as each book was offering slightly different advice. So I decided to type up my own notes.
It was just as well I did this, as when we got to Mecca my parents and my brother just looked at me blankly, expecting me to be their guide.
I printed out two copies of the guide to take with me on this joyous trip. Again just as well I did this, because whilst we were waiting in Heathrow airport for our flight, a man saw me reading my notes and started asking me about how to perform Umrah, what duas do you read and when, etc. I could see the desperation on his face to know what to do, so I gave him a copy of my notes and I quickly went over them with him. I hope they came in useful. God sure does work in mysterious ways!
Anyways, here is a link to my step by step guide on how to perform Umrah, in PDF format: Step by step Umrah guide.
If you find any errors then please let me know, thanks in advance.
Finally, here are pictures of famous people who have been on Umrah, and a picture of myself. Enjoy!

Bollywood actress Veena Malik

Boxer Mike Tyson

Cricketer and politician Imran Khan with his wife Reham Khan

Boxer Amir Khan (on the right)

Cricketer Shahid Afridi and Bollywood actor Aamir Khan

Me, in the middle, looking straight at you!


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