Two quotes, including one about Muhammad Ali

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Anyways, back to business. Below are two quotes from Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. The first one is about Muhammad Ali. The second one is about an old woman who used to clean the mosque of the Prophet (SAW). Both are fairly self explanatory (insha-Allah!). Enjoy!

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf comments about Muhammad Ali…

I have done my own poll of asking people of different nationalities and different countries: who is the most beloved athlete of the 20th century? Almost invariably every person that I have asked, without thinking, has said Muhammad Ali. And I say, “Isn’t it interesting, that a black man, who is a Muslim, and has the name ‘Muhammad’, is the most beloved athlete in the world? Why is that?” The reason I believe is very simple: he embodies, in his own way, certain aspects of the sunnah of his Prophet. Even those who fought the Prophet Muhammad, secretly admired him. They secretly admired him…Muhammad Ali was beautiful, he was beautiful to look at. When he smiled, that smile penetrated the hearts of even people that didn’t like him. He had absolute self-confidence. When he spoke, he spoke with complete certainty. He had no self-doubts. When the microphone was stuck in his face after fighting a very intense fight with Sonny Liston at the age of 22, when most boxers would have eyes so swollen you could not see them, and they would be so dumbed and dazed by being pulverised by the heavyweight champion of the world. When Cassius clay had the microphone put in front of his face, what did he tell the world? And the world was listening. He said “I’m 22 years old, I don’t have a scratch on my face, and I’m beautiful. I talk to God every day, I must be the greatest! I just beat Sonny Liston.” Because all the odds were against him. Muhammad Ali was a winner. He was a winner. Even when he lost, he was a winner. Because we forget that losers can be winners, and the Prophet (SAW) was always winning. When he went to the village of Ta’if and they mocked him, they threw stones at him, they caused his feet to bleed. What did he say in his dua? “O Lord of the oppressed, who will You leave me with? To an enemy that will treat me like that. To some distant person who knows nothing of me. If You are not angry with me, I have no concerns.” That is the dua of the Prophet (SAW), in what appeared to be the lowest point of his mission. His point was: this is all from You and I recognise that, because this is the nature of the struggle. – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf commenting on Muhammad Ali

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf comments about an old woman…

The Prophet (SAW) would always occupy people in what benefited them and in what benefited the ummah. He would ask about them. He would ask about news about them: how are they doing, and how is so and so. If somebody was not there, he would say “Where is so and so?” Wallahi, these are teachings for the people. Now we have people who disappear and nobody remembers them. They don’t ask about them. And this is the messenger of Allah, and he had an ummah! I mean, this was like a whole ummah of people (that he was concerned about). There was an old woman who used to clean the masjid. She used to sweep the masjid out. She was a black woman. And one day she died and the companions of the Prophet buried her (without the Prophet being there). And then the Prophet came and he said “Where’s the old woman who used to sweep the masjid?” The companions said “She died ya Rasul-Allah and we buried her.” He said “Why didn’t you tell me she died? Why didn’t you tell me she died so I could go pray on her? What is she insignificant (such that you don’t need to tell me about her death)?” – adapted from a speech by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

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