Quotes and links (including the worlds best mobile phone!)

As usual, some quotes and some links. Enjoy!


  • Do not feel certain in the reliability of your own opinions. – Sahl bin Hunayf (this is often alternatively translated as ‘Treat your own opinions with suspicion’ or ‘Find fault with your own opinions’)
  • Don’t make excuses for nasty people. You can’t put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase. – Anon
  • There is always more to thank for than there is to complain about. – Anon
  • The less of the world, the freer you live. – Anon
  • What I want to say is that today, what just happened doesn’t have to be used against Islam. Fanaticism is everywhere, but it concerns just a minority of people. The rest are just simple Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims. I think that it’s important to take the long or historical view. If we just focus on current affairs, if we limit our view to today’s news, it’s like things never happened before. It’s important to recall that all this has already occured, it’s already happened with terrorist groups which were not Islamic…The danger would be to say that all Muslims are like that, but I’m convinced that 90% of Muslims feel very uncomfortable today and are ashamed of what’s happened. It’s important not to say, that a Muslim, is “moderate”, if he’s just a citizen like you or me. What does “moderate” mean anyway? Does it mean that Islam is an extremist religion? This is a latent provocation, you see? And it’s very dangerous. We don’t have to paint everybody with the same brush. That’s the danger I think. – Eric Cantona, in an interview with euronews, talking about the Paris Charlie Hebdo incident
  • The words you speak become the house you live in. – Hafiz (14th-century Persian mystic and poet)


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